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1) Move the phone left and right to initiate the scan. A circle will appear. 


2) Use it to mark the golf ball. 


3) Once the ball is marked a red confimration circle will appear. 


4) Now slowly walk to the hole pointing the phone down at approximately 45 degree angle in order to scan the surface between the ball and the hole. 

5) Mark the hole. 


6) Keep the phone still until the break line appears. 


Screen Recording

Starts screen recording of the app. Once finished the recorded video is saved to phone’s camera roll.

Enter VR Mode

Activates VR headset mode. Insert your phone into a VR headset once the mode is activated. “MX” will activate mixed reality headset mode.

Full Screen

Enters full screen and removes all the buttons on the screen. Click the screen to re activate full screen exit icon and press it in order to get the icons back on the screen.

Auto Lock Off

This icon appears when the app auto locks onto the ball or the golf hole. If the auto lock is not satisfying simply press X in order to manually center the ball or hole.

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